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Kew Pocketbooks: Wildflowers

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by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew | The arts
Published 15/05/2021 by Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew Publishing) in the United Kingdom as part of the Kew Pocketbooks series
Hardback | 96 pages

This stunning series of pocketbooks from Kew offers a snapshot into the diverse and beautiful world of plants. Kew Pocketbooks: Wildflowers lavishly showcases a meadow's worth of familiar plants in 40 botanical paintings.

Kew Pocketbooks: Wildflowers is a celebration of the natural bounty around us, offering a meadow's worth of familiar plants including foxgloves, poppies, dandelion, ivy, daisy, bluebells and orchids, and many more. 40 delightful botanical paintings from the Kew archives depict these classic plants.