Nixie: Splashy Summer Swim-9780192744852

Nixie: Splashy Summer Swim

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by Lester, Cas, Pye, Ali | For National Curriculum Key Stage 1
Published 05/05/2016 by Oxford University Press
Paperback | 128 pages, B/W

Wonky wand mishaps, froggy fiascos, and water fights!When it's a super hot sunny day, there's only one thing to do with all your friends . . . have a WATER FIGHT! For Nixie the naughty fairy this is the perfect opportunity to come up with some of her ingenious inventions to make the fairies' swimming party really go with a splash . . . and a BANG!

Oops! Her wonky wand is up to its usual tricks and soon the peaceful pond becomes a froggy fiasco! Bumblebees' bottoms - Nixie's in trouble . . . again!Perfect for readers who like their fairies with a bit of mischief!