A Prickly Affair : The Charm of the Hedgehog-9780141988184

A Prickly Affair : The Charm of the Hedgehog

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by Warwick, Hugh | United Kingdom, Great Britain
Published 03/05/2018 by Penguin Books Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 320 pages

Discover the many wonders of the hedgehog: a funny, charming creature of the countryside. Carrying its secrets beneath patterned spinesand roaming our fields, parks and gardens, why is it that the hedgehog fascinates so many of us? In A Prickly Affair, Hugh Warwick - life member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society - explores the quirky humour, misunderstanding and affection that characterises our feelings for this marvellous beast, going all out to explain the charm of the hedgehog. Although hedgehog psychics and the International Hedgehog Olympics may be too much even for him...