The Scandinavian Skincare Bible : the definitive guide to understanding your skin-9781912854943

The Scandinavian Skincare Bible : the definitive guide to understanding your skin

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by Gillbro, Johanna, Graham, Fiona | Society & social sciences
Published 22/12/2020 by Scribe Publications in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 224 pages

If you want beautiful, healthy, glowing skin, whatever your age, then look no further. This Scandinavian bestseller will revolutionise how you care for your body's largest organ.

What does the latest research tell us about our skin? How do our hormones, genetics, diet, and environment play a part? What should we look for in our beauty products, and what should we avoid? In this comprehensive guide, skin scientist Johanna Gillbro teaches you how best to care for your skin - and what not to do.

Think drinking water will replenish your skin? Think again. More products, better skin? Nope. And an expensive product doesn't guarantee reliable results. You don't need to cleanse your skin in the morning; in fact, too much cleansing can be damaging. Toner is redundant, natural products are not always best, and bacteria are not the enemy - and that's just the start!Learn how to read the labels on products, know exactly what it is you're putting on your skin, and make better decisions about how you care for it.

Using cutting-edge research about the microbiome, as well as the relationship between gut health and skin, The Scandinavian Skincare Bible challenges how we look at beauty today. By revealing the science and exposing commercial tricks, Dr Gillbro empowers us to lay the foundation for healthy, beautiful skin.