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A Treason of Thorns

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by Weymouth, Laura | Fiction & related items
Published 05/03/2020 by Chicken House Ltd
Paperback | 384 pages

An enchancting, lyrical novel from the acclaimed

author of A Light Between Worlds!

'Weymouth's prose is lush and evocative, filled with palpable

descriptions and compelling mystery' KIRKUS

'With lush prose and an eye for atmospheric detail, Weymouth

adeptly spins a tale in which thge heroine is torn between passion

and purpose, destruction and duty.' PUBLISHERS


When her father is convicted of high treason, Violet Sterling

is exiled. Seven years later she has a chance to return to her beloved

Burleigh House and to Wyn, the boy she left behind. But Burleigh

- one of the six great magical houses of England -

has gone wild with grief after the death of Violet's father

and now the capricious King of England has threatened to raze

it to the ground. Vi must decide whether her destiny is set in

stone, before Burleigh destroys everything she loves.

The second novel by acclaimed YA talent and author of The

Light Between World, Laura Weymouth.

A curious and original alternate history of living great

houses, set in a vividly imagined, enchanting world.