The Animal's Companion : People and their Pets, a 26,000-Year Love Story-9781911630753

The Animal's Companion : People and their Pets, a 26,000-Year Love Story

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by Harvey, Jacky Colliss | Humanities
Published 06/02/2020 by Atlantic Books (Allen & Unwin)
Paperback | 304 pages, 2 x 16pp colour plates

A unique and compelling exploration of why humans need animal companions - from dogs and cats to horses, birds and reptiles - as seen through the eyes of bestselling author Jacky Colliss Harvey.

In The Animal's Companion, the acclaimed author of Red: A Natural History of the Redhead explores the human desire to share our everyday life with pets, a history that can be traced back to a cave in France where evidence has been unearthed of a boy and his dog taking a walk together, some 26,000 years ago.

From those preserved foot and paw prints, Colliss Harvey draws on literary, artistic and archaeological artefacts to sweep readers through centuries and across continents to examine how our relationships with our pets have developed, but also stayed very much the same. Through delightful stories of the most famous, endearing and sometimes eccentric pet owners throughout history, she suggests fascinating new insights into one of the most long-standing of all human love affairs.