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The Legendary Cuisine of Persia

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by Shaida, Margaret | Middle East
Published 01/05/2017 by Grub Street
Hardback | 384 pages, Colour photography throughout

Persian cooking is one of the oldest and greatest cuisines of the world. It is refined, sophisticated, subtle yet distinctive, elegant and varied. Fruits, nuts, herbs and spices are combined with rice, fish and meat in combinations whose ancient influence can be found in the cooking of the Middle East, Spain and India. Persian cuisine is perfectly suited to today's style of eating - many of the dishes are vegetarian, and the marriage of sweet and savoury, such as grains and pulses stewed with fruit and spices, make for unforgettable meals. The sweetmeats and pastries are especially mouthwatering. Margaret Shaida was born in England. She married an Iranian and went to live in her husband's country in 1955. She stayed there for 25 years and learned Persian cooking from her mother-in-law and other friends and relatives in their own kitchens. Her love of Persian food grew even more passionate during the five years she spent researching this book. What she takes us on is a culinary adventure, illustrating the diversity of food as represented by its many different religions; Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Zoroastrian, whilst explaining the many customs and traditions which make up the exotic and colourful threads in a cuisine which spans more than three thousand years. The Legendary Cuisine of Persia is an original and fascinating cookery book which will provide stimulation to all the senses.