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Moab Is My Washpot

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by Fry, Stephen | The arts
Published 01/07/2010 by Random House Business (N/A)
Mixed Media |

Available now as an audiobook, Moab is My Washpot is in turns funny, shocking, tender, delicious, sad, lyrical, bruisingly frank and addictively listenable.

Stephen Fry's bestselling memoir tells how, sent to a boarding school 200 miles from home at the age of seven, he survived beatings, misery, love, ecstasy, carnal violation, expulsion, imprisonment, criminal conviction, probation and catastrophe to emerge, at eighteen, ready to try and face the world in which he had always felt a stranger.

Fry writes with the wit to which we have become accustomed, but with shocking candour too. In an age of glossy celebrity autobiographies, this Stephen Fry audiobook sets the high standard to which others should aspire.