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1066 and All That

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by Sellar, W C | Humanities
Published 30/09/1998 by Methuen (N/A)
Paperback |

'Canute began by being a Bad King on the advice of his Courtiers, who informed him (owing to a misunderstanding of the Rule Britannia) that the King of England was entitled to sit on the sea without getting wet.' 1066 And All That is a book that has itself become part of our history. The authors made the claim that 'All the History you can remember is in the Book' and, for most of us, they were probably right. But it is their own unique interpretation of events that has made the book a classic; an uproarious satire on textbook history and our confused recollections of it: 'The first date in English History is 55 BC, in which year Julius Caesar (the memorable Roman Emperor) landed, like all other successful invaders of these islands, at Thanet. This was in the Olden Days, when the Romans were top nation on account of their classical education, etc.'