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The Odyssey

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by Homer, Verity, Anthony (former Master of Dulwich College) | Language
Published 13/03/2018 by Oxford University Press as part of the Oxford World's Classics Hardback Collection series
Paperback | 384 pages, 1 black & white map

'Tell me, Muse, of the man of many turns, who was driven

far and wide after he had sacked the sacred city of Troy'Twenty years after setting out to fight in the Trojan War, Odysseus is yet to return home to Ithaca. His household is in disarray: a horde of over 100 disorderly and arrogant suitors are vying to claim Odysseus' wife Penelope, and his young son Telemachus is powerless to stop them. Meanwhile, Odysseus is driven beyond the limits of the known world, encountering countless divine and earthly challenges. But Odysseus is 'of many wiles' and his cunning and bravery eventually lead him home, toreclaim both his family and his kingdom. The Odyssey rivals the Iliad as the greatest poem of Western culture and is perhaps the most influential text of classical literature. This elegant and compelling new translation is accompanied by a full introduction and notes that guide the reader in understanding the poem and the many different contexts in which it was performed and read.