Horrible Words : A Guide to the Misuse of English-9780141978970

Horrible Words : A Guide to the Misuse of English

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by Gowers, Rebecca | English
Published 30/03/2017 by Penguin Books Ltd
Paperback | 224 pages

'Stuffed with entertaining detail ... Horrible Words is lively, provocative, witty and enlightening' The TimesNothing inflames the language purists like an illogical irregardless or a hideous otherization. But is it enough simply to dismiss these words as vile and barbarous howlers? Taking a genial tour far and wide through our linguistic badlands, Rebecca Gowers finds answers that are helpful, surprising and often extremely funny.

'Exuberant, erudite, informative and fun ... a call on all English-speakers to trust their own feel for their language, to relish their verbal inventiveness and to do battle against the pedants who tell them they are wrong' Michael Skapinker, Financial Times 'A very useful book, packed with good historical sense' Lynne Truss, The Times