Europe : The Struggle for Supremacy, 1453 to the Present-9780141037172

Europe : The Struggle for Supremacy, 1453 to the Present

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by Simms, Brendan | Unclassified
Published 01/01/1800 by Penguin Books (N/A) in the United Kingdom as part of the Unknown series
Paperback |

Brendan Simms's formidable, game-changing history of EuropeIn this marvelously ambitious and exciting book, Brendan Simms tells the story of Europe's constantly shifting geopolitics and the peculiar circumstances that have made it both so impossible to dominate, but also so dynamic and ferocious. It is the story of a group of highly competitive and mutually suspicious dynasties, but also of a continent uniquely prone to interference from 'semi-detached' elements, such as Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Britain and (just as centrally to Simms's argument) the United States.