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The Snow Leopard

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by Matthiessen, Peter | Lifestyle, sport & leisure
Published 01/01/1900 by Random House Audio (N/A)
Paperback |

Enjoy this special edition hardback of one of the greatest pieces of travel and nature writing ever written. Go with Peter Matthiessen all the way to Dolpo, a Tibetan plateau in the high Himalayas.

This is the account of a journey to the dazzling Tibetan plateau of Dolpo in the high Himalayas. In 1973 Matthiessen made the 250-mile trek to Dolpo, as part of an expedition to study wild blue sheep. It was an arduous, sometimes dangerous, physical endeavour: exertion, blisters, blizzards, endless negotiations with sherpas, quaking cold. But it was also a 'journey of the heart' - amongst the beauty and indifference of the mountains Matthiessen was searching for solace. He was also searching for a glimpse of a snow leopard, a creature so rarely spotted as to be almost mythical. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD MABEY'A beautiful book, and worthy of the mountains he is among' Paul Theroux'A delight' i Paper