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Mrs Pepperpot Again

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by Proysen, Alf | Children's, Teenage & educational
Published 01/11/2012 by Random House Childrens Audio (N/A)
Paperback |

Mrs Pepperpot has a little problem - an enormous little problem - she shrinks! And when she does, she finds herself facing all sorts of funny situations of giant-sized proportions! But whether it's a big brown bear or a moose on the loose, clever little Mrs Pepperpot is always ready with some very big ideas.

A compilation of thirteen fun short stories including: Mrs Pepperpot tries to please her Husband; Mrs Pepperpot Minds the Baby; Mrs Pepperpot's Penny Watchman; The Bad Luck Story; Mrs Pepperpot and the Moose; Mrs Pepperpot Finds a Hidden Treasure; Mr Pepperpot; The Ogres; The Good Luck Story; Mr Big Toe's Journey; A Concertina Concert; A Birthday Party in Topsy Turvy Town; Father Christmas and the Carpenter.