A -Z Puzzle Book : Have You Got the Knowledge?-9780008351755

A -Z Puzzle Book : Have You Got the Knowledge?

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by Collins UK | United Kingdom, Great Britain
Published 16/05/2019 by Harpercollins Publishers (Collins)
Paperback | 256 pages

The ultimate mapping challenge from the world famous map makers.

More fiendish mapping puzzles from Gareth Moore, author of best-selling Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book. Do you have the knowledge required to unlock the secrets of Britain's streets?

50 maps with a puzzle for each from iconic locations throughout the country including Tower of London, Warwick Castle, Old Trafford, Murrayfield Stadium and Stonehenge.

Puzzle categories included are history, sport, entertainment, transport and nature. A mixture of word games, riddles, code-crackers, anagrams, trivia questions and mathematical conundrums to keep your mind working for hours.