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A Parliament of Owls

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by Unwin, Mike, Tipling, David | Lifestyle, sport & leisure
Published 03/11/2016 by Harpercollins Publishers (William Collins)
Hardback | (Over 150 colour photographs)

A unique collection of stunning photographs and detailed portraits of over fifty of the most striking owl species around the world.

The less we know about something, the more we create a mythology around it. This is especially true for owls. Mainly nocturnal, generally silent, and reliant on the element of surprise in their attacks, they seldom encounter humans, but we have still created a vast body of legend around these mysterious avians - for some, they symbolise wisdom, for others they are the agents of evil or harbingers of death.

Understanding these birds is a great challenge outstandingly met by award-winning natural history author Mike Unwin and David Tipling, one of Britain's foremost photographers. Unwin, who has watched and admired owls all over the world, captures the essence of each species, while explaining the unique natural history that has made these silent assassins the most effective feathered predators of darkness. He describes a fascinating range of breeding and hunting behaviour, the unusual calls that have given rise to so much superstition, and the cultural impact of owls around the world. The stunning range of photographs, taken and compiled by David Tipling, captures the beauty of each species and the drama of the landscapes they inhabit.

At once an investigation and a celebration, A Parliament of Owls looks at over fifty species of these infinitely fascinating birds, from the Snowy Owl hunting lemmings in the Arctic tundra to the rodent-eating Burrowing Owl of the dusty hollows beneath the South American pampas.