What our customers think

We value our customers, who make our job so enjoyable, and would love to have some testimonials for the website. If you would like to contribute a few lines please either email info@cobhambooks.com or visit us to give a testimonial on paper.

Here are some reviews of our shop from the local websites www.cobhampeople.co.uk, www.esherpeople.co.uk and www.weybridgepeople.co.uk


    Support this fabulous, independent and local bookshop. The staff are amazing and the service first class. You can order a book from them and within a day or two it’s in stock. They’ll even text you to let you know it’s in. They’ve a great range of children’s books and educational reference books too. The staff even post up their own reviews of the latest novels and bestsellers. It’s your very own ‘Little Shop Around the Corner’ so come along and see for yourself.

         By stlawrence2 at 09:22 on 05/04/12


     A lovely little bookshop with an excellent range of books for its size, especially in regards to it’s childrens section. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and have even set up a recommended section based on books they have reviewed themselves to help you chose. Anything not in stock they have been able to get for me by the next day with no extra charge, including audiobooks and Dvds. A rare gem of an independent bookshop and one I’m sure will continue to shine.

    By Pendraegon at 12:51 on 13/12/11


    Cobham Bookshop has been part of the town for a lontime now and I have always used them for any relevant needs… The staff are great and they have a fantastic amount of books there… If they dont have it in stock they are always happy to order in! Would reccommend to anyone!

    By Martin_Baars  at 12:21 on 11/11/11

    As a regular client to this wonderful bookshop, I can’t praise it enough; The staff are all exceedingly helpful, friendly and efficent. A little retreat from the worries of the world, one can immerse oneself for 5 minutes or 50. Next time you are in Cobham pop in…
    By SuzyNewman at 12:12 on 11/11/11 


    Despite travel chaos at Heathrow and all across the country this wonderful                 independent bookshop in Cobham never lets me down. I ordered a book for my son yesterday morning by phone and it was in the shop the very next morning when they texted me to say it had arrived. First class service and fantastic staff! I can’t praise it enough.

    By stlawrence2 at 16:47 on 23/12/10