6 How to Stop Time

6 How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Paperback £8.99

Staff recommendation: What is the point of living when you have no one to live for? This is the question Tom Hazard asks of himself. Tom is an immortal, a person who ages only very little every few decades. He is now over 400 years old.
Immortals such as Tom are looked after by the Albatross Club. This is led by the ambiguous and faintly menacing character, Hendrich.Trying to find the motivation to continue to live when his one and only love, Rose, died in the 1600s is daunting. They had a daughter who inherited his condition but he has not seen her in centuries. It was too dangerous for him to live with his wife and daughter and he lost touch with them. His life is spent searching for Marion and is filled with adventure and intriguing encounters with historical figures such as Shakespeare, Captain Cook and Josephine Baker.
This time travel novel is entertaining, humorous and engaging. I
thoroughly enjoyed following Tom on his journey from 16h Century France to
Tower Hamlets in the 21st Century.