14 Quiet Dell

14 Quiet Dell by Jayne Anne Phillips

Paperback £9.99

Staff Recommendation: Struggling to survive the Great Depression in a Chicago suburb are the Eichers; Asta , her three children and Duty, their dog. When Harry Powers arrives you know that evil has entered their lives. Most of the characters in this book were real people. Originally a Dutch-American immigrant called Harm Drench, Powers found his victims through the lonely hearts clubs popular at the time. He boasted of wealth and slowly worked around to the subject of marriage. The Eichers were among his last victims, and his undoing. Discovering a cache of his love letters kept by Mrs Eicher, the police traced him to Clarksburg, West Virginia, where they found the Eichers and another woman buried in the hamlet of Quiet Dell. No one knows how many women he killed. Powers was tried and convicted in 1931 and hanged in 1932. The real horror of this book lies in the odd little details; Powers’ villainy seeps out in ways at first troubling and finally terrifying. You will not forget Harry Powers.