11 The Rupert Annual 2017

Hardback £9.99

In the Rupert Annual 2017, Rupert has many magical adventures! Featuring: Rupert and the Iceberg; Rupert and the Gardens Mystery; Rupert and the Fiddler. NEW: Rupert and the Green Man; Rupert and the Gemlins; Rupert and the Snowball. In the charming new story Rupert and the Green Man, Rupert and his chums are getting ready for the Nutwood Autumn Fete by collecting autumn produce from around Nutwood – leaves and teasels, berries and horse mushrooms.

Their journey takes them down the river and into a new, mysterious garden where they meet the mythical Green Man and his mischievous friend, Conker. The Green Man is a kindly man who wants to help the chums gather autumn produce, but naughty Conker is up to no good and nearly ruins their afternoon with his cheeky scheme! The 81st Rupert annual is packed with games and stories. Plenty to keep children busy well into 2017.